What These People Are Doing Will Make You Sick. But The Reason Behind It Will Disgust You Even More.

Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries in Garankuwa, South Africa tells his people that they should eat grass if they want to get closer to God. Of course, the people in his church obeyed him thinking that it’s the right thing to do. But what will surprise you even more is that his followers still do it despite them getting ill for eating grass and despite all of the massive online backlash their ministry gets.

The members of the pastor’s church eat the grass, thinking it will bring them closer to God and they even think that it can help them cure their illnesses.

south africans eating grass as said by their pastor

The pastor even encouraged them to eat more.

south african pastor told his people to eat grass and become ill

And they still follow what he said.

people eating grass

The grass made his people ill, and it caused many online complaints against his ministry.

south african eats grass and become ill.

But most of his people still believe that they can survive anything with God in their side…even if they eat anything or in this case grass.

people eat grass and become ill

This pastor believes that he is a miracle man and he can control his people including the police if they show up.

And in response to the backlash he said ‘God is at work and His people are testifying right now at the farm. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.’

controversial south african pastor who told people to eat grass.

Whoa! I think this is the most absurd act of faith I’ve seen so far. I couldn’t believe that these people are following everything this pastor says.

Credits: Original by Daily Mail.

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